05 December 2023 - Relationships as a Study of Self

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Amethysta Herrick
Amethysta Herrick
Mona Lazar and Ami Herrick - image by the author via YouTube

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Mona Lazar, an artist, writer, and relationship coach. Mona and I contemplate finding reflection in a relationship, why social roles must change for humanity to survive, and how filled doughnuts probably roll downhill better than those with holes in the middle.

Mona's personal website: https://monalazar.com/
Find Mona on Medium: https://medium.com/@monalazzar
Find Mona on Substack: https://monalazar.substack.com
"And Then All the Women Wanted to Be Lesbians": https://medium.com/the-soulciety/and-then-all-the-women-wished-they-were-lesbians-419923cf10f


Amethysta Herrick

Ami is a transgender woman dedicated to exploring identity and gender. She is Editor-in-Chief of Purplepaw Publications, LLC.

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