About Gender Identity Today

Why does the world need another publication focused on identity and gender?  Don't we know enough about who we are already?


Identity is the sum of physical and psychological traits expressed in the context of socio-environmental factors.  Identity is quickened by an origin of identity, which may be spiritual or biological - we don't know for sure.  

Identity is the complete package of socially contextual traits that define a human.


Gender, on the other hand, is a mediator: the negotiation between the origin of identity and the social environment around the human.  As the individual-level expression of species-level abstractions of gamete production, gender is a process as opposed to a completed task.  

Socio-environmental factors change daily, and our negotiation is ongoing.  We decide the amount of pain - the level of gender dysphoria - to bear, if any, as we express who we truly know we are.  The process could never end - we always need to present within a society.

Gender is the negotiation of physical, cognitive, and behavioral traits a human wants to express within the context of the social environment.

Gender identity

The origin of identity is mediated by the process of gender to result in a tangible implementation of gender identity.  

Gender identity distinguishes components of gender and sexuality from other aspects of identity.  The expression of identity contains aspects that are agender - not associated with expression of "masculine" or "feminine."  Identity is composed of both ungendered and gendered aspects: "gender identity" as well as the "the rest of identity."

Gender identity is the current implementation of the complex of physical, cognitive, and behavioral traits (look, thought, and action) derived from the negotiation.  

Gender identity today

The title of the publication ends with the word "today" because we are concerned with how to think about and implement gender identity in today's changing context.  

Gender identity must be considered today, but it must be considered tomorrow as well - when tomorrow becomes today.  The nature of identity - the continuous discovery of who we are - interacts with society, which is in constant flux and requires constant negotiation to determine how we become who we are.

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