Write for Gender Identity Today!

Write for Gender Identity Today!

Gender Identity Today is fueled by a community of people interested in furthering awareness of identity and gender. Current trends in legislation restricting free expression of identity show the time to act is now.

You can be a part of fighting current trends when you publish your original work on the science, psychology, and philosophy of identity, gender, and gender identity. We welcome regular authors as well as guest contributions.

What does Gender Identity Today publish?

Gender Identity Today has a focused purpose: to consider and explore human identity — the characteristics that make each of us uniquely “us.” And because each of us lives in a society, those characteristics express our identity to those around us, especially as gender identity. But gender is not all Gender Identity Today represents.

Gender Identity Today publishes articles that explore the following topics:

  • What is the nature of identity?
  • What is the origin of identity?
  • How is identity related to biology, psychology, and sociology?
  • How is gender related to identity and its expression within society?

If you ask yourself these questions — and subsequently answer yourself — we invite you to submit your article for publication!

Many writers for Gender Identity Today are transgender and write from that perspective, but it is not a requirement to publish with us. If the science and philosophy of identity interests you, especially as it intersects with physical expression and society, you are perfect for GIT!

The best articles are personal stories about exploring and defining your identity, your gender, and your gender identity. Despite your story being different from every other, learning about the fears and foibles of your exploration may provide inspiration for others who need that last push to explore and define their own identity.

To get started, contact Amethysta Herrick via her web site Contact Page. She will respond with the next steps. If there is a link to current work, please include one.

NOTE: Gender Identity Today reserves the right to reject your application as an author or any article you choose to submit for failing to conform to formatting guidelines and topics.