26 April 2024 - The Stories That Must Be Told

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Amethysta Herrick
Amethysta Herrick
Lindsay Law and Ami Herrick - image by the author

Today I present an amazing conversation with Lindsay Law. Lindsay retired from a career as an executive producer and President of Fox Searchlight Pictures to become a novelist. Lindsay and I discuss the story of "Boys Don't Cry," why we need more gay people in media, and the magic of Vermont.

Lindsay’s personal website: https://www.lindsaylaw.net/
Follow Lindsay on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindsay.law/
“The Orphan from Shepherds Keep:” https://www.amazon.com/Orphan-Shepherds-Keep-Intertwined-Rightful/dp/B0CXYPYX23


Amethysta Herrick

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