29 March 2024 - In Praise of the Mammal Brain

Gender Identity Today - now in convenient podcast form!

Amethysta Herrick
Amethysta Herrick
Loretta Breuning and Ami Herrick - image by the author

In this week's episode, I speak with Professor Loretta Breuning about human behavior. Loretta is a Professor Emerita of Management, the Founder of The Inner Mammal Institute, and author of the book "Habits of a Happy Brain." We consider such topics as how our undesired behavior can be modified given the appropriate reward, finding forgiveness even for our parents, and why not everybody is mad at you.

The Inner Mammal Institute: https://innermammalinstitute.org/
Alice Miller: http://www.alice-miller.com/
Albert Ellis: http://www.albertellis.info/


Amethysta Herrick

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