Are Trans People Asking For Too Much?

Lilith Helstrom
Lilith Helstrom
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I wrote a feminist article recently that included some information in it about makeup artists. I didn't even think about it, but one of the makeup artists was Nikki Tutorials and because she is a trans woman, some people took issue with me including her and voiced this in the comments section.

I was very disappointed to find that one of these people was a feminist and a lesbian. She said she loved my article, but hated the part about Nikki Tutorials. She proceeded to get into an argument with me where she said a bunch of hateful things about Nikki, who happens to be one of my favorite make-up artists ever.

I told this woman as members of the LGBTQ+ community, her and I should both be automatic allies for trans people.

She attempted to "warn" me that my rights as a bisexual woman and her rights as a lesbian were going to disappear because trans people make LGBTQ+ people look bad. They ask for too much, in her eyes, so no one will want any of us to have rights at all.

First of all, if me defending trans people will make me lose all my rights as a bisexual person, then those rights were never fully established in the first place. I'm not going to give in to hating trans people out of fear of what conservatives will do. Conservatives are going to come for me no matter what.

Secondly, trans people are not asking for too much and I'm tired of people saying it. As a cisgender woman, people respect my pronouns most of the time. They call me she/her. They never question me being called by those things. They don't ask me to prove that I'm a woman or question my place in female only spaces.

And trans people are just asking for the same thing. These are basic rights, basic levels of respect. That's not asking for too much. That's the bare minimum.

I'm tired of people gaslighting trans people. They're only doing it, so they don't have to feel guilty over the extreme level of hate in their heart.

But a lesbian, of all people, who has faced hate and discrimination from conservative people, too, shouldn't be taking their side or empowering them in any way. That's what will make the rest of us lose our rights, turning on trans people, instead of empowering them. If you make conservatives stronger in their hate, they won't go away, they'll just hurt more people.

A trans woman is the reason there is pride month. A trans woman began our fight for civil rights. It's thanks to a trans woman that same sex marriage is legal in the united states.

We can't expect trans people to stand united with the rest of us LGBTQ+ people, if we aren't willing to stand up for them as well.


Lilith Helstrom

Bisexual cisgender woman contemplating life and politics.

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