Barbie, Music for Minors, and Cisgender Dysphoria: The Dingbat Diaries - 04 Aug 2023

When you can't get enough Dingbattitude in your life

Amethysta Herrick
Amethysta Herrick

Hi, Kittycats!  This is The Dingbat Diaries for the week of August 4th, 2023:

- What in the world makes "Barbie" such a controversial movie?
- A new friend of mine helped open my eyes to greater issues of mental health around youth developing identity
- A couple conversations that reminded me how gender and gender identity is understood today


Naomi Alderman "The Power":
"Transgender Meh":
Prismatic Speech Services:
"Sound Off: Using My Transgender Voice ":


Amethysta Herrick

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