Shapewear, Aliens, and The Boost: The Dingbat Diaries - 27 July 2023

When you can't get enough Dingbattitude in your life

Amethysta Herrick
Amethysta Herrick

Hi, Kittycats!  Today on The Dingbat Diaries, I discuss:

- Medium's new Partner Plan for August 2023
- How I finally found shapewear that suits my budget and my butt
- Aliens in Congress, which is why transgender people should be left alone


Buster Benson's MPP changes article:
Robin Wilding's article about the Boost:
Orchard Corsets:
Angel Curves:
Maidenform Waist Trainer:
"Gender as Mediator:"
"Making Transgender Normal:"
UFO Congressional Investigation:


Amethysta Herrick

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